Devils' drop-off: COVID-19 saliva testing

A free, individual, easy drop-off COVID-19 testing option for the ASU community.

What is Devils’ drop-off?

Devils’ drop-off is an on-campus COVID-19 saliva testing option open to all students, faculty and staff — as well as dependents of benefits-eligible ASU employees. No appointments are required — pick up a kit from an on-campus location, register it online and drop it off once you’ve collected your saliva sample. Pick-up and drop-off sites are available on all four ASU campuses in the Phoenix metropolitan area and our locations in Lake Havasu City, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. Once you register your kit online, you have 24 hours to collect and deposit your sample at one of the on-campus drop-off bins. You must drop off your sample within eight hours of collecting it.

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How does this work?

Step 1

Pick up your testing kit

Devils’ drop-off kits are available for pick-up at numerous sites on all four ASU campuses in the Phoenix metropolitan area and our locations in Lake Havasu City, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. No appointments are required. Kits include an instructional pamphlet, a sample tube, straw, disinfectant wipe and biohazard bag.

Find a pick-up location

Step 2

Register your sample tube online

Before dropping off your sample, it must be registered online.

Register your tube

Note: Once you register your sample, you have 24 hours to collect your sample and drop it off.

Step 3

Collect your sample

0. Before you start

  • Wash your hands thoroughly and dry them before collecting your sample.
  • Hydrate well to help accumulate saliva, but cease 30 minutes before collecting your sample.
  • Remember: do not eat, drink, smoke, vape, chew gum, brush your teeth or use oral hygiene products for at least 30 minutes before collecting your sample.

1. Find a private location

Do not collect your saliva sample near drop-off locations. Collect your sample stationary and socially distanced, preferably outside

2. Remove the cap from the tube

3. Fill the tube with saliva

To correctly submit a saliva sample, let your mouth water and fill with saliva. Use the straw to fill the tube with saliva (not including bubbles) to the designated fill line.

  • Clear saliva. Slightly cloudy and small amounts of debris OK.
  • Saliva measures between minimum and maximum fill lines (not including bubbles).
Not acceptable:
  • Milky or opaque saliva (any color).
  • Large amounts of debris in saliva.
  • A tube filled with phlegm/mucus instead of saliva.
  • Saliva below the minimum line.
  • Saliva above the maximum line (not including bubbles).
  • Saliva in cap. Do not use the cap as a funnel.

4. Seal the tube

Remove the straw from the tube and re-cap the tube. Dispose of the straw in a waste receptacle; do not litter.

5. After capping the tube, seal it inside the bag

Wipe the sealed tube with the provided sanitizing wipe. Place the tube into the provided biohazard bag and ensure the bag is sealed. Wash your hands thoroughly after the tube is in the biohazard bag.

Step 4

Drop off your sample

Take your sample tube, sealed inside the provided biohazard bag to the nearest Devils’ drop-off location.

Note: Your sample must be dropped off within eight hours of collecting it.

Find a drop-off location

Step 5

Get results

You will receive a text or email with instructions to check your portal account in approximately 48 hours.