Frequently-asked questions

What kind of test is this?

Arizona State University’s saliva-based testing is a federally approved qPCR (molecular) diagnostic test. If you need documentation to show that your test results came from a PCR test in a CLIA-certified lab, you can download a PDF here.

Where do I pick up a kit?

Pick up a Devils’ drop-off kit at numerous locations on all four ASU campuses in the Phoenix metropolitan area and our sites in Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. Find the one nearest to you.

Do I need an appointment?

You do not need an appointment for Devils’ drop-off. Just grab a kit, read the enclosed instructions and provide your sample, then drop it off – it’s that easy.

Where do I drop off my sample?

Drop-off locations are located on all four ASU campuses in the Phoenix metropolitan area our sites in Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. Be sure to drop your sample off within one hour of collecting it.

Find a drop-off location

Where do I collect my sample?

Do not collect your sample near Devils’ drop-off locations. For your own safety and the safety of others, collect your sample stationary and socially distanced, preferably outside. You may also collect your sample alone in your dorm room, office or personal vehicle.

How do I register the barcodes on my sample tube?


Log in to My Health Portal and select Devils’ drop-off from the sidebar. Register your barcodes when prompted.

Faculty, staff and ASU online students:

Log in to and select Devils’ drop-off. Register your barcodes when prompted.
To create an account, use the agency code EDPLUS if you are an ASU online student or the agency code 2tzzr5xi if you are faculty or staff.

How do I create an account on

ASU online students: Use agency code EDPLUS and input your student ID number in the ‘Employee Number’ field. Faculty and staff: Use agency code 2tzzr5xi and input your 10-digit ASU employee ID in the ‘Employee Number’ field.

Fill out all required fields to create your account.

Who can use Devils’ drop-off COVID-19 testing?

Devils’ drop-off is available free of charge to all ASU students, faculty and staff in the Phoenix metropolitan area and near our Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. sites. However, anyone can register for a free test at one of the Arizona testing sites. Visit for more information about ASU saliva tests for the public. Note that the agency code is SALIVATEST.

I’m an online student, can I use Devils’ drop-off?

Devils’ drop-off is open to all students, but it may not be the most convenient option for online learners. For in-state online students that cannot easily access Phoenix metropolitan area campus locations for testing, schedule a free test at the Arizona Department of Health Services’ testing site at

How do I collect a saliva sample?

The most crucial step in collecting your sample is to do it in a private location, away from crowds and high-traffic areas. Learn how to submit a quality sample for testing.

How much time do I have to drop off my sample?

After registering your two barcodes online, you have 24 hours to collect your sample and drop it off. You must drop off your saliva sample within one hour of collecting it.

How will I receive my test results?

You will receive a text or email with instructions to log in to your portal account when your results are ready.


Log in to My Health Portal. Select Medical Records and then Labs to find your test results.

Faculty, staff and ASU online students:

Log in to and select Lab Results to view your test results.

How long will it take to receive my test results?

Test results are available approximately 48 hours after your sample is collected from the secure Devils’ drop-off bin location.

When are the secure Devils’ drop-off bins collected for lab processing?

Secure Devils’ drop-off bins are collected continuously throughout the day, and collection times vary depending on day and location. Typically, the last pickup for the day will be 2 p.m.

Will my recent COVID-19 vaccination impact the result of my ASU saliva test?

It’s important to continue to get tested. If you’ve recently received a COVID-19 vaccine, this will not affect your COVID saliva test result. You will still receive an accurate test result.

It’s also important to continue to practice health protocols. The two vaccines currently in distribution in the U.S. have shown about a 95% success rate in clinical trials, which means that despite getting the vaccine, 1 in 20 people may still contract a symptomatic COVID-19 illness when exposed. It is not currently known if the vaccine eliminates asymptomatic infection and transmission. Please note that full efficacy is achieved only after receiving both doses of the vaccine, with full immunity taking roughly two weeks to develop post-injection. If you have received only one dose, your risk of contracting the disease remains substantial.

Can I use Devil’s drop-off if I have symptoms?

If you are currently having or have recently had any symptoms, please do not use the Devils’ drop-off testing option. You should self-isolate and consult your medical provider. Students should schedule a telehealth visit with a Health Services medical provider for further guidance and testing instructions. Drive-thru testing can limit your exposure to others and is available to employees and students.

Can I drop off my sample tube at a drive-thru testing location?

No. Devils’ drop-off kits will not be accepted at drive-through testing locations. Please take your sample to one of the designated Devils’ drop-off locations.

Can I drop off a friend’s sample?

Devil’s drop-off was designed with your safety in mind. You should only drop off your own specimen. For infection control and to avoid specimen contamination, please do not carry or handle anyone else’s sample.  

A location is out of kits. How do I request more?

Call 480-884-1900 to report any problems with a Devils’ drop-off location.